You wish to give your pet up for adoption?

We don't judge your decision

Though we would like to offer your some guidance in making such a tough decision.

Giving a pet up for adoption is a big decision for you, the pet and the next owner regardless of pets age. If you’re unsure, please read our guidelines and take some time to consider the decision. If you’re confident in your decision – we’d like to offer our platform as means for finding the best candidate for the pet and providing them with as much needed information as they may need in order to make sure they can provide the best conditions possible.

Our recommendations

1. Ask family & friends

Before you give your pet up for adoption on the internet, consider talking to your friends, family and coworkers if they are able to adopt your pet.

2. Check the documents

Make sure your pet has all papers in order. A valid passport, vaccination papers and all else. If you can, get all the vaccinations done before you list the pet.

3. Prepare the info

In order to post a listing on our platform, you will need to fill in the fields with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Species
  3. Breed
  4. Sex
  5. Color
  6. Special traits
  7. Age & Date of Birth
  1. Description of the pet
  2. The reason you’re giving the pet up for adoption

To make sure the pet finds the best home possible, please provide the following information to provide more transparency to the viewers.

  1. Coat type
  2. Personality
  3. Size
  4. Vaccination status
  5. Transponder status
  1. A description of yourself

4. Read terms & conditions

Adding a listing

To add a listing, you will need to log in. Gladly you can do that through Google or Facebook. Before you’re able to make your listing public – you’ll also have to read and agree with our
Adoption Terms & Conditions. To prevent unwanted situations and to make sure you get to know them, we’ve made them as short and simple as possible.